Speaker - What About Socialization?

How will your children learn how to interact with others if you teach them at home? Will they become misfits in society? Is a decision to homeschool depriving them of a vitally important opportunity to learn how to fit in socially with others? This workshop looks critically at one of the most often asked questions about homeschooling. It discusses the goal of socialization, and shows why home schools provide the best way to socialize children.

Below is a partial list of topics Mr. Sarris is able to speak on
Impacting the Culture: Changing the World
The World's Greatest Book
Why Home School?: Giving Dads a Vision
Home Schooling as a Team Effort: The Father's Role
The Two Most Important Things a Father Can Do
What About Socialization?
Is God Real?
Oh, God . . . Why?
Waiting on the Lord for a Life Partner
Waiting on the Lord for a Life Purpose
Waiting on the Lord for Life's Provisions
Bringing Scripture to Life Through Storytelling
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