Author - George W. Sarris
Searching for Truth

People today desperately want to know what is true and authentic in a world increasingly characterized by cultural confusion and a loss of trust in established institutions.

Are the answers to life found in the writings of secular scientists who tell us that we’re simply a product of chance – an accidental mixture of elements in one stage of development, no more important in the long range scheme of things than a rock, or a sea urchin?

Are the answers found in the philosophical musings of Eastern mystics who explain that we're a very small part of an all-pervasive life force that in the end draws us into itself so that we lose our individuality and become nothing?

Are we unique individuals created by an all-powerful Creator who has a purpose for each person? But, if so, why is there so much pain and suffering in what should be a perfect world?

Searching for Truth in Vegas, Hollywood & Bethlehem . . . The Quest to Discover if God is Real is a relatively short, easy-to-read book that addresses many of the questions thoughtful people often ask about the nature of God, the nature of life, and the validity of Biblical faith.

For example:

Is there a God? What about evolution? How about Eastern mysticism? Is the Bible really God's Word? How close is the Bible of today to the original Bible? How does it differ from other great works of religious literature? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? If God is good and sovereign, why is there excessive pain and suffering in the world?


The book follows a logical progression of thought from one question to another and includes interesting stories and historical information to help people think through the issues. It provides honest answers to honest questions.


"Your MS is an excellent popular case for biblical faith. It is carefully researched, very well written, and stylistically attractive.”
            -- John Warwick Montgomery
                Lawyer, Professor, Theologian and Author ."

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