Author - Heaven's Doors . . . Wider Than You Ever Believed!

George W. Sarris is the author of the book, Heaven's Doors . . . Wider Than You Ever Believed!

Heaven's Doors is a book about hope and about truth. It’s a book about unlimited power and unfailing love working together to accomplish the greatest plan ever conceived. It’s a book about God’s plan to ultimately get each and every person through heaven’s doors.

But don’t think for a minute that heaven is going to be a free ride for anyone. It’s not. Hell is real. But its duration is temporary, and it has a positive purpose. The idea of hell as a place of never-ending suffering is not a Biblical concept. And it has not always been held by the Christian church throughout its history.


"I really, really, really enjoyed your writing style. You communicate in a way that draws others into the subject, and your views don't stomp on the considerations of others. It is engaging and friendly, and you use your real life circumstances and communications to illustrate your points. . . ."
-- Todd Hoyt, CEO,

"Evangelicals congratulate themselves on their willingness to submit to the final authority of scripture. Yet they also have cherished beliefs that they defend to the hilt . . . Quite rightly, George Sarris insists that even these beliefs should be subjected to the test of scripture. In this work he engages in detailed and challenging scrutiny of the biblical teachings on hell, eternal punishment and condemnation. Even those who do not agree with his conclusions need to pay attention to his arguments."
-- Nigel G. Wright, Principal of Spurgeon’s College, London;
Council Member of the Evangelical Alliance, UK

"Sarris’ book is gracefully written, deeply thoughtful, and based on careful scholarship; it deserves the widest audience"
-- David Konstan – Professor of Classics, NYU

Many of George W. Sarris' blog posts address the issue of ultimate destines.
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